dragon's lament

i dive
chasing the musky tang
of prey on the ground

i almost taste
the coppery burst
of warm blood

air currents caress my skin
with each beat of my wings

i drink the reedy song
of trees dancing
swaying in the wind

bask in the scents
of air water earth green


to delay my return
to an empty nest
no egg no hatchling
nor the warmth
of a mate

it’s been so long
since last i saw

heard their roar
felt it vibrate
through my bones

are games
among clouds

the rumble of passion
the coming of the young

i lost count
of seasons
spent alone

so tired
of relentless men
haunting these hills
hounding my steps

blades and spears and flame
what they don’t understand
what they can’t control

their cries echo
in the valley below
as they come again

my claws dig into soil
i push off
and choose
the sky

still mine

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