Diet Nanobots

Diet nanobots
Advertised as safe to use
For easy weight loss,
All designed and certified
By some leading scientists.

They’re simple to use,
Injected in the body,
Not unlike vaccines.

Just launched for a day,
They became an instant hit,
Trending everywhere.

People stood in lines,
Some waiting for days, for weeks,
For one costly shot.

They worked like a charm,
Multiplying as programmed
To consume the fat.

Weeks after the launch,
People showed off their new forms
Slender, curvy, lean.

Social media
Buzzed with posted images
Of countless changed lives.

The craze traveled fast,
Through towns, through cities, through states,
Then through continents.

But people forgot
The deadliest of monsters
Are the ones within.

Blinded by their joy,
Most refused to see how fast
Those nanobots spread.

Swifter than cancer,
They grew exponentially,
Sucking their hosts dry.

They’d eat away everything,
Fat and muscle both.

Drastic was the change,
From smiles and tears and laughter
To gloomy silence.

Now, void are the streets,
Inactive are most accounts,
The world’s a graveyard.

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