Cinnamon Sale

by Johan Jðnsson

I think he was surprised even to learn
that he had had a soul
It's not like he had any use for it anyway,
or at least so I thought
So I don't see why he's missing it now

I sold it to a forest god
of cinnamon and ashwood
whom I happened to meet
on my way to work last week

Ember eyes burning
behind evergreen locks
her indeciduous smile
barely hiding her
brown pointed teeth

She thanked me
sealing our agreement
with my name
written in blood
on an oak leaf

She offered me $2000
(and a cherry cutting board)
and I had really planned
to share it with him
and still thought
it was a good deal

But he's been howling
outside my front door
for three days now
never silent
never resting
never sleeping

His eyes
are black
and lifeless
His sounds
not of any
human tongue

I'm beginning to think
she ought to have payed me
at least the double