Before the Gloaming

In the hour before the gloaming
when the gravity well weds the horizon
to silver the grey and gold the mundane
the invisibles are revealed

dust motes caught frolicking
raindrops on the transparent secrets of glass
spider legs dangling from gossamer
insects blinking between the trees
six-legged fairies flitting to and fro
as though caught in a pinball machine
after the prize of a ricocheting mate

so the slow eye sees
as stars when the cold clouds flee

Who sprinkles this twilight magic
that bestows a soul to particles most particular?
perhaps the gift of the numinous and never-seen
to delight the finite with wonder before the dark
or merely an angle of coincidence
born from the revolving green child

What cruel accident or intent
to make alive such multitudes
and then snuff out that golden flame

When the transient unfolds the transcendent
the brief window invites our troubled gaze
for would an ever-rainbow deserve second sight?
the sky be sinned by the moon’s ever-light?
the patience to play and wisdom that wanes
are held in equal measure by the Immortals
while the fleeting are awed by the fleeting
each eclipse to be cherished
every animism celebrated in song
before the day goes quiet


Lee Beavington

Lee Beavington is an award-winning author of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. His novella, "Evolution's End," appears in Writers of the Future XXII, and his book Common Plants of Greater Vancouver is a required textbook for both science and arts students. In addition to teaching ecology, cell biology and genetics in the biology lab at Kwantlen University, he also served as primary photography for three of Lone Pine's nature books, including Wild Berries of British Columbia. His doctoral research explores the intersection of creative process, nature experience, storytelling and transformational change.

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