Baykok Bagga Bones, zombie killer,
Whatchew doin’ rattlin’ about this bog?
I can see you could use a facelift.
Yer one ugly dude, what with skin fallin’ off
or transparent, pulled taut over yer bones
like tattered swaddlin’ clothes.  Whazzup, dude?
You wanna kill me, take me to yer lair somewhere
and suck the marrow out of my bones?  Good luck
Boney Maroney!  As if scarfin’ me will fatten you.
Pick up the phone, Holmes!  Yer dead; time to
shuffle off this mortal coil insteada hangin’
outside this pop stand, lookin’ to get lucky.
Got news fer you.  Your breath smells like
a rodent’s nest.  Yer bones creak!  I can hear
you shufflin’ up behind me from a block away!
Hell, if I rolled a bowling ball down the alley,
I’d scatter yer bones like bowling pins.  Yer thin!
Got no muscle left to pick me up with, Holmes!
Good costume though.  Why don’t you enter
some Halloween costume contest?  I’d vote for ya!
Hey, you not only got the looks; you’ve got the smell!
Now there’s a tell!  Yer dead, worm food, dude!
Why cop a malevolent attitude?  You wanna get down
and do it underground?  Be my guest, but please…
Look after those teeth!  You’ll never
get a date with Letiche or Penelope
smellin’ like you do!  Whew!  Yer rank!
Yer so rank you’d make a skunk puke!
Why don’t you look up the Skunk Ape?
He could lend you a fur coat, at least.
Teach you a few moves, get you past
the jailhouse shuffle.  Yeah, get down, Piltdown!
Shuffle off this mortal coil, then go get the goils!