The thing with time travel
is you can never take the machine with you
so you are stuck wherever you end up.
Time travel never caught on as a tourist industry,
instead it became the habitat
of fringe political activists
such as the new age vegetarian yoga guru
who chose to return to 1492
coming back to Sedona Arizona,
before there was a Sedona
before there was an Arizona.
The thing was this crystal worshipping kokapellian
had a long ways to go
to get where he needed to be
before the calendar year reached October 1492.
He and his Birkenstocks intended to cross the continent
jump off the coast
and find a way to the island of Hispanola
before it was called Hispanola.
He intended to be a one man navy
securing the homeland
by sinking three little ships
the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.
Just sink three little ships
and change the course of history
ending centuries of genocide.
Of course there is always the question
what sort of monstrosity
the bloodthirsty Aztec empire might have become
if left unchecked
but we will never know because in February 1492 
somewhere around New Mexico
before there was a New Mexico
or even an Old Mexico
this holistic time travelling hippy
was captured by the Apache
and eaten.