Readers' Choice Awards 2018

Announcing our first
NewMyths Anthology
coming out this fall.

PASSAGES. A collection of stories and poems exploring the triumphs and losses, hopes and fears of entering – and surviving – a new stage in life.

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High school graduations. Baby showers. Over-the-hill office parties. Amazonian boys enduring stinging ants in their test of manhood ritual. Medieval brides hoisted through doors that will never be opened again. Members of societies in every age and culture mark their transition into a new stage of life in what anthropologists call a rite of passage.

Science fiction and fantasy writers, mirroring our world, have written many coming of age stories. Like the boy in the Amazon paralyzed by ant stings during his initiation ceremony, these stories follow young adults through life-threatening ordeals to achieve their destiny, maturing into the adult heroes of their world.

But as popular as coming of age stories are in science fiction and fantasy, where are the stories of passages through our other stages of life? Those recognized and celebrated in myths throughout the world ever since the Sphinx asked Oedipus to name them?

NewMyths is answering that question in our first best of NewMyths anthology due out this fall. PASSAGES will be a collection of fantasy and science fiction stories and poems of children facing expectations, limitations and magical powers, mid-life adults facing parenting, marriage and demons in computers, and seniors facing aging and those one-way tickets into space, as well as, of course, a selection of our best coming of age stories.

Featured also in PASSAGES will be two winners of our first Readers' Choice Awards. Passage stories and poems from our Spring and Summer issues appear on the ballot below. Winners will be announced in September's issue of NewMyths, and will be highlighted in the anthology.

Readers' Choice Awards 2018

From June, Issue 43


First Place ($100)

The Tideline by Andy Oldfield

From March, Issue 42

Issue 42

Tie 2nd Place ($50 each)

The Secrets of Tea by Brent Smith

SÁ an Bhrú, the Passage Home by Delaney Green