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  Issue 42, March 2018

Dear Reader,

The March issue of New Myths collects tales of ancient legends, chronicles of isolation and (re)invention, and accounts of challengers of fate, successful and otherwise. Visit some of Earth's places of myth, then journey to its moon, to Jupiter's moon, Io, to Mars, and to far-off Rian, spending time with revolutionary poets, enterprising colonists, inventors, robots, and enchantresses... as well as gods and giants out for blood.

We're also announcing our first NewMyths Anthology coming out this fall, PASSAGES. A collection of stories and poems old and new exploring the triumphs and loss, hopes and fears of entering – and surviving – a new stage in life.

Watch for details in June for how to vote for your favorite Passage stories!

And be sure to read this issue's three Passage-eligible stories: "The Secrets of Tea" by Brent Smith,  "SÁ an Bhrú, the Passage Home" by Delaney Green, and "In the Absence of Trees" by Ann K. Schwader and Marge Simon.

Issue Editor: 
Marta Tanrikulu

Table of Contents


One Who Does Not Sleep by Wendy Nikel
The city is still as dark as ebony when I begin my deliveries. I lace my boots and take up the rough satchel passed down from my gran. Legends say it's woven from time itself and lined with a curse from the world's first sunrise...

Kvasir’s Blood by Christine Morgan
In Jarl Thorvald’s longhouse, the old jarl himself bestowed rich rewards on those who most pleased him...
And Ofradr Ulfradsson, who should long since have been there, was not.

SÁ an Bhrú, the Passage Home by Delaney Green
“Your father goes home in three days,” said Annwyn as she added a stick of poplar to her cooking fire. “May the god open his arms and receive him.” Dara sighed. His mother had accepted Gruyyfyyd’s death, but Dara was still angry with the god.

Recollection of Merit by J. Verostka 
You’d have to be a history buff to remember why Rian was closed off in the first place.

Empynine Makes Good by Mark Salzwedel
The clattering sound of the MP9 robot reshuffling its modular units to disconnect from its charger and move rose in the next room for a few seconds. Then it appeared in the bedroom doorway about three feet away from the foot pan of Brian’s wheelchair.

The Sultana of Story
by Jordan Taylor
“Listen,” the Sultana says. “This is a ghost story.” She lights the dripping white candle on the little cloth-covered table in front of her, pushing her gauzy black veil away from her face. In the blooming light you can see her wide, dark eyes and the bruises underneath, her white hands floating in the dark like doves.

Flash Fiction

Print Me a Creature for the Night
(Hybrids Allowed) by Russell Hemmell
When the corporation asked me to "cook up a creature" – those were the exact words Karl used - I thought I was still asleep and dreaming.

In the Absence of Trees by Ann K. Schwader and Marge Simon
We were young, so eager to volunteer for the moon colony. Inflatable membranes in the deep lava tubes protected us from the extreme temperatures. Celia dyed some cotton sheets with sepia, gold, and aqua to match our memories.

The Secrets of Tea by Brent Smith
Nothing had worked. In the knowledge she'd allowed herself there was no brew that would create what she needed. Dark magic.


When Hell Freezes Over by Peter Jekel
Rivers and lakes of lava, geysers spewing toxic sulphurous plumes up to 500 kilometres into the sky, and collapsed tracts of land covering a frozen multicoloured landscape. It sounds a lot like the vision of Hell described in the Bible or Dante’s epic poem The Divine Comedy...This frozen Hell actually exists right on our cosmic doorstep on one of the moons of Jupiter.

Discovering King Arthur by Elizabeth Sadler
The legend of King Arthur is one that has endured for over a thousand years.



“Lady of the Lake” by Rhaega Ailani Art


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