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  Issue 37, December 2016

Fans of,

2017 marks the 10th year for I can hardly believe that so much time has passed. Hundreds of stories, poems, articles, essays, art, authors and authors published. We couldn't do it without you--our fearless readers. If I try to say too much I risk sounding maudlin, so let me just say:

Thank you so much for joining us.

-Scott T. Barnes, editor

The stories in this issue deal with strange events originating through code and algorithms in “Proof of God at the Bedford Christian Academy for Girls” and “The Curve, ” loss of siblings to underwater creatures in “Downstream” and “Scour,” deadly competitions that can’t be won in “Spread of the Kobold’s Wings” and “Strategic Use of Poison,” and demons infesting a house—and the local weather channel—in “And Here’s Satan with the Weather” and part 1 of “Fight Off Your Demons!” Rounding out the issue are nonfiction articles on the various alternate histories branching off from a single event, focusing on the John F. Kennedy assassination, and the forms alien life might take, in addition to both whimsical and dark poems, all sure to inspire the imagination on long winter evenings. 

-Marta Tanrikulu, editor for Issue 37

Table of Contents


Scour by Sean Monaghan
Ava Butler watched the thing in the canal sweep by again. Under the surface, barely a ripple. Like one of the turtles she'd seen up at Teak Lake last year, only bigger.

Spread of the Kobold's Wings by Gustavo Bondoni
The key lay in choosing the right kobold, Trun thought as his wagon creaked beneath him. 

Proof of God at the Bedford Christian Academy for Girls
by K.A. Rochnik
I'm just saying that if I had known what was going to happen on Graduation Day, maybe I wouldn't have outed Evie.

Fight Off Your Demons! - Part I by John Buckley
Hank listened intently as the woman on the other end of the line prattled on. The phone was pinned between his meaty neck and one cumbrous shoulder, by now coated in a film of sweat, its screen grimy and befogged. 

The Curve
by Damien Krsteski
The despondent professor watched her students file out of the classroom. When the last one disappeared into the hallway crowd, she turned to the scrawled equations on the blackboard, arms crossed.

by Erica Ruppert

As they lay tangled together in bed, in the dark, Paul ran his hand across Tamara’s belly. She tensed as he traced the ridged ring of scars there, reading them like Braille.

Flash Fiction

And Here's Satan with the Weather by Brandon McNulty
The rest of the HON6 news station doesn’t share my excitement over today’s hundred-and-thirty degree high.

The Strategic Use of Poison by Frances Silversmith
Jossef stared at the back of the man in front of him as his platoon marched down the path between the nesting trees on planet X07T9. He knew what he'd see if he let his eyes stray: Little three-legged furry shapes draped limply over tree branches or hanging half in, half out of their nests on the thicker boughs.


Roll of the Dice by Peter Jekel
When we encounter an alien, what will it look like?

November 22, 1963: Jonbar Hinge by Patrick S. Baker
A jonbar hinge, or point, is an event in history that radically alters the history following the event.



Kobold Toss
by Arielle Rohan


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