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  Issue 35, June 2016

Dear Readers,

The past couple of years I have had the benefit of assistant editors for almost every issue. This time, however, I took on the task of making the selections myself. I had forgotten how much fun--and how difficult--that can be. Therefore I indulged myself with a couple of extra stories. Indulge yourself. Skip anything that doesn't suit your fancy, and take your time with what does. I assure you you won't regret it.

-Scott T. Barnes, editor

Table of Contents


The Space Between Worlds by T. Lucas Earle
They arrived late for the funeral. They sat silently, wearing form-fitting black, quietly judging the cheap lo-rez skins of their fellow funeral-goers.

Terminals by Angela and Joel Enos
The Titan-Metropolis line was one of the most heavily traveled train routes of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. [] In 1902, during a routine crossing of the Rockies, a switchman absented himself from his post for reasons lost to history…

Rock and Roll Will Never Die
by Terry Madden
Esme found Mick perched on the edge of the heated recovery bunk, tattoos sagging with his breasts. A little positive pressure on the sub-dermal body shapers would fix him up.

Rozhanitse the Beautiful by KC Myers
She’d known what the house would look like, but it still seemed strange to her when she saw it, with its walls made of bone and the thin, stork-like legs holding it up.

The Tenth Part of Magic by Nick Tramdack
It was a white-skied spring morning when the wizard Martyn Hooke discovered the dead boy. Hastening along the Queen's Road, days behind his quarry, he had spied a stone dotted with blood and stopped to investigate.

White Petaled Wings by Anna Yeatts
"Ile," Emari picks up shells from the beach, her skullcap of white hair and her ivory skin making her appear to be made of sand herself. Perhaps she is. We are both birthed of the island. “Don't fight me for the next one."

Ghostly Serenades by the Nile by Christine Lucas
The dead, the lost and the damned strolled through Ankhu's bedchamber every night.

Flash Fiction

What You Need by Van Aaron Hughes
There once lived a girl with a magical gift: she could look in your eyes and know just what you need.

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast by Rebecca Schwarz
Inside the warehouse, fluorescent lights glare down on miles of cooling ducts and bright bundled wires that snake across the floor.

The Stars We Reach by Brent Smith
Anna tracked the winding mass of wires snaking from Lawrence’s shaved head to a table cluttered with equipment.


The Future of Futuristic Fiction by Ahmed A. Khan
About 13 years ago, in August 2003, an article by Spider Robinson, titled “Forward into the Past”, was published in the Globe & Mail newspaper. The article states that science fiction is in an ever-increasing slump.

The Invisible Universe by Peter Jekel
The only way that we know that dark matter even exists is through its gravitational interaction with matter...



From Present to Past
by Fiona Meng


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