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    Issue 22, April 1, 2013

Dear Readers,

I'd like to give a shout out to Vanessa Fogg, whose 'Snow's Daughter' in this issue is her first fantasy publication. We hope this portends a great future.


Scott T. Barnes

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I’ve never named a country before, or a street,
or even a baby. But it couldn’t have been as

hard as it was to name my dog. If a country gets a stupid name it can always have a
revolution, streets can be named after numbers,  and babies can always grow up to become someone
so notorious everyone dreads to speak their name and instead come up with a dozen different

Thomas wasn’t always a monster. He used to be innocent, I swear on the world. I remember his
big cheek smiles, and...tippytoe walker, scared about crushing ants. It was on his birthday of
seven when things began to change.

Snow's Daughter by Vanessa Fogg

Far to the north, the
Snow Queen’s palace rose from a featureless plain: ramparts of snow half a hundred feet thick,
gleaming domes of translucent ice, soaring towers and hidden tunnels that curved endlessly under the snow. Within, all was silent and still.

Flash Fiction




  • Pug by John William Haverty Jr.


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