Monica Louzon

Reflections in Space, poem, Issue 41, December 15, 2017

Monica Louzon
persists in writing speculative and weird fiction despite being a two-time creative writing drop-out. She is the managing editor for the anthology Catalysts, Explorers & Secret Keepers: Women of Science Fiction, and she founded the Museum of Science Fiction's Journal of Science Fiction. When not wandering in forests or among stacks of books, she can typically be found near Washington, DC plotting new adventures with her husband.

Biography Questions
Birthday? An odd time of year with most unpredictable and inconsistent weather.
When did you start writing? In first grade. I certainly couldn't spell "survive" or "poisonous", but I had some truly epic responses (with accompanying illustrations) to those English class writing prompts.
When and what and where did you first get published? This is my first paid publication.
What themes do you like to write about? Points of convergence and confluence, challenging boundaries, and blurred realities.
What books and/or poems have most resonated with you as an author? Why? How do these stories and their characters find expression in your work? Anything written by Ray Bradbury, Peter V. Brett, Monica Byrne, China Miéville, Philip Pullman, and Tamora Pierce makes me want to write. To me, reading their prose is like jumping into a swimming pool of imagination filled with glorious words and reveling in how wonderful it feels. 
Twitter? @molo_writes