Living Butterflies

by David Harrington

In the season of wither when all that is living falls to the earth and dies, the Almighty Word of God came to me in the wilderness countryside and was spoken by his angel saying, "Breathe in with a deep breath."

And when I had done what the angel instructed, he then said unto him, "Now let loose your breath out over the face of the earth." And when I did, there straightaway blew a mighty strong gale over the face of the earth, insomuch that the trees from the North to the South and from the East to the West were heavily shaken.
And I looked, and behold, the leaves off the trees were turned into beautiful Living Butterflies: So wonderful to gaze upon and of many fantastic colors and I was bewildered at their beauty.
But the angel turned quickly and rebuked me saying, "Be not deceived such as the ungodly of the earth are, as you shall now see." And I looked and saw the ungodly of the earth, who were made gay by reason of the splendid colors of the butterflies, yet were blinded by their hallucinations and thought themselves to be in paradise, but were deceived.  And they commenced to sing and dance around merrily in circles, engaging in all manners of lust and fornication. And were made exuberant because of their drunkenness.
And I heard the angel again say to me, "Breathe in with a deep breath." And immediately the winds ceased and leaves were no more shaken from the trees. And those that turned into Living Butterflies fell to the ground and choked in the burning heat of the sun. And I saw the ungodly of the earth who were buried up to their necks.  And many therefore starved to death because they could not find a place to prepare their meats.
And I heard the angel declare with a loud voice, "Let the ungodly of the earth remain always so: For they are fools to believe that the Lord would spare them unless they repent of their deeds. Or to think that they should be found worthy to come into heavenly places by way of their ungodliness.
"But rather, because they are blinded by the bright colors of the butterflies, which are now brown and decayed, and driven by their lewd desires, and of their exceeding drunkenness, shall scorn with hatred the Lord God their Creator evermore. And be cast into hell and tormented with fire, save a few who shall quickly repent of their adulteries, whom of which I shall show you afterward."
After this there came up from out of the earth and from out of the caves armies of winged rodents. And scurrying about with razor-sharp teeth, they began feeding on the rotting meats that the ungodly of the earth had left behind. And they became infected with many horrible diseases and driven into a mad frenzy. And they began to eat the flesh of the ungodly, both living and dead, and many more were made sick and died.
But the rest cried out with a loud voice saying, "Lord God, have pity on our wretched souls!" And as many who were found worthy were saved.
And I heard a voice like a thousand rustling winds answer and say, "Not so: For the ungodly of the earth shall not confess of their sins. Neither shall they give glory to God or submit to His Will."
And I heard the angel say unto me, "Now let loose your breath out over the face of the earth." And when I did, half of heaven and half of earth were filled with a foul stench:

So wretched and so vile was this stench that even more became nauseous and gagged to their end.
And I, too, would have fainted when I heard the angel answer and say, "Arise and stand tall, O you servant of Christ: Have faith in God and no harm shall befall you."  And looking around I saw that the plague of winged rodents the Lord had sent to infest the earth had passed away. Neither was I affected of that foul stench which the Lord God had brought down as punishment against the ungodly of the earth.
And I rejoiced with exceeding gladness because of it. And falling on my face in gratitude, thanked the Lord God Almighty.

# # #