Hellava Journey

Hella runs through the snow, her spindly legs gaining traction with every step. She can almost see her destination at the end, lit by a single candle.

The cabin looms tall into the white expanse of sky like a sanctuary out of this bitter cold. She hastens her pace, feeling the crunch of ice beneath her thick rubber boots.

By the time she reaches the summit, it is night and the candlelight has flickered and vanished. Twenty feet ahead, the cabin looks dark and forbidding.

She stumbles, knocking a lantern into the snow. Picking it up, she notices the candle was never lit. Around the cabin, a trio of amber lights appear in the darkness.

Hella braces herself and runs toward them. They close in on her but she makes it through the open door just as it shuts softly behind her.

Inside, it is pitch black. She fumbles, searching for the light switch till flames unexpectedly burst from her fingers and her eye glows amber.

The trio enter the cabin, filling it with a haunted orange hue. Hella stares. They look exactly like her, humanoid with a single large eye constantly searching for a place in this world.

“Welcome, child,” they say in unison. “Your homing device has worked and you will soon lose your disorientation. We have arrived safely and will proceed with the invasion once we have all gathered. Welcome to Earth.”

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