Teresa Tunaley

Vampire Hookers, illustration, Issue 12, September 1, 2010

Surreal, illustration, Issue 18, March 1, 2012

Web site? www.artstopper.com

Birthdate? Seems so long ago. The 60’s.

When did you start illustrating? When I was young I was always doodling.

When and what and where did you make your first sale? I painted a set of ducks in oils and sold it to my friends at work back in the 90’s… 

Why do you paint or draw? I seem to have a need to paint and draw. My mind is full of so many images I have to get them out in this way. Sometimes I have got up in the middle of the night just to get the images down on paper and out of my head or I wouldn’t sleep… I just cant imagine NOT painting.

Why do you work with Science Fiction and/or Fantasy? I love to work in all genres but Sci-Fi and Fantasy, well, these are special because you can create worlds no-one else has ever seen.

Who is your favorite illustrator? I don’t have a particular favorite illustrator, although Salvador Dali the artist--his work always intrigues me and keeps my attention the longest.

What is your medium of choice? Do you work in any other medium? I have worked in oil, watercolor, pastels but I have moved on with the times and now paint using my electronic tablet and pen in Corel. I still paint traditionally and am currently painting a portrait of a model which I hope to sell locally.

Does this particular illustration have a story behind it? Please share it. I love good stories and when the story is detailed, the ideas for illustrations to go with the story come so easily. "Dead Letters from the Lovelorn" was a great story!

Do you blog? Where? No.

If you could write your own epitaph, what would it say? With patience, I could always do better!

Originating from the UK but now residing in the Canary Islands , freelance artist Teresa Tunaley finds more time to devote to her love of art and painting. For more than 30 years she has been doodling traditionally with pencils and dabbling with watercolours. More recently she uses a more modern technique using software such as Photoshop, Corel Draw and Paint Shop Pro to produce her creations.

Along with published stories and poetry, she can be credited with award winning cover art and illustrations for author stories. Her work can be seen online and in print across the UK, US, Canada and Denmark .

"I like to think that I am very versatile in my choice of subject matter--my new surroundings provide the inspiration for me to paint on a daily basis and the fact that others may enjoy my work gives me the confidence to continue."