Steve Forti

Derelict, fiction, Issue 49, December 15, 2019

Steve Forti is a writer and IT project manager whose mind bounces between novels and flash fiction. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two kids (though she’ll insist she lives with three kids). His work has also appeared in Zetetic and A Murder of Storytellers.

Get to know Steve...

August 15th

When did you start writing?
Probably when I could first hold a pen? I remember writing silly kid stories, followed by bad knockoffs until finding my own voice.

When and what and where did you first get published?
Putting myself out there for publication is a fairly recent venture. My first came from a flash prompt outside my comfort zone – a short romance called “Lost and Found”. You can read it online in Zetetic Record’s May 2018 issue.

Why do you write?
I have a very analytical mind and work with technical people, so I go crazy if I don’t have some creative outlet. I love the craft of storytelling, and the art of entertaining and being entertained.

Why do you write Science Fiction and/or Fantasy?
I write in many genres, though most of my past work has been crime and mysteries. But I’ve found myself writing all sci-fi this year. I blame the inspiration on bingeing the entire Expanse series.

Who is your favorite author? Your favorite story?
Story-wise I have to go with A Song of Ice and Fire, but my favorite author is Greg Iles. The way he makes his setting and culture equal characters is amazing, and his slow burns are masterpieces.

Do you blog?
Only when there’s a new piece to share.

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