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Rachel J. Hart

Avid Ascent, illustration, Issue 29, December 1, 2014

Rachel Hart is a sculptor/potter, painter....and engineer of sorts;). She has taught various types of art in a handful of art studios and private schools. She has only sold her works privately and through local venues. She currently owns Fireside Art Studio, where she teaches all ages (mostly private instruction), and develops her own work. She lives in Massachusetts, USA with her husband and four children. Website

Get to know Rachel...

Birthday? April 30, 1975
When did you start doing artwork? From childhood.
When and what and where did you first get published? Since I never tried to get published, this issue of NewMyths is my first time.
Do you use reoccurring themes or images in your illustrations? Not always, but I do enjoy themes that contain opposing emotions, such as despair with hope, or anger with must be from my psychology background;)
What media do you like to work in? Why? All Media...I get bored, and I love to learn, so switching things up is a must! If I had to choose though, it would be clay.
What artist's work do you most admire? How has this artist's work influenced you? I don't feel any particular artist has influenced me. However, I do appreciate works by artists like Vladimir Kush and Alex Alamany that blend realism with surrealism. As a child I remember being fascinated by the intricate beauty of works by Edmund Blair Leighton, and the peaceful emotion that Monet paintings stirred within me. Also, I was always intrigued by sculptors who engineered their pieces to be functional or kinetic on some level. On the other hand, I was never interested in Artists who seemed to me, to only paint colored shapes, or throw paint on canvas!

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