Nathan Wyckoff

Crumbling Butterflies, Illustration, Issue 16, September 1, 2011

Birthday? May 18th, 1984.

When did you start doing artwork? When I started reading comics at 5.

When and what and where did you first get published? Jumpgate Comics, 2002.  Not around anymore, but some of the stuff will be showing up in the free e-zine I Co-Edit,

Do you use reoccurring themes or images in your illustrations? I love the macabre, bizarre, and anything that's just really different or really old. Not much contemporary gets me going.

What media do you like to work in? Why? I do most of my work in straight pen and ink, though I do gallery work oils and sometimes acrylic.  I do digital coloring when doing graphic layouts for ReArtedzine or doing comics.
What artist's work do you most admire? How has this artist's work
influenced you? Writers influence me more than artists these days, they get the brain-images flowing better than any illustration I could get my hands on!

Nathan Wyckoff has been an illustrator and painter on the scene since 2002, starting with a series of acclaimed comics published by multiple small presses including Jumpgate Comics.  From there, Nathan went on to headline numerous gallery shows with his paintings.  While still currently exhibiting works, Nathan also teaches painting and graphic novel courses, He co-edits the free fiction and art e-zine, and has upcoming works in Midnight Echoes and Bete Noire to accompany his work with