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Mel Obedoza

At Death's Door, flash fiction, Issue 15, June 1, 2011

Get to know Mel...

Birthdate? November 21, 1981

When did you start writing? I have been writing since I was 11 years old--ever since my brother brought home our first computer with WordStar. I started submitting my stories in 2011, after quitting my IT career to be a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom).

When and what and where did you first get published? In March 2011, I received my first acceptance letter and contract from Daily Science Fiction for my story entitled, "The Jester". Technically, though, my first short story to be published online was "Death Wish", which appeared last April on the New Asian Writing website.

What themes do you like to write about? Anything and everything that inspires me at the moment, so long as I can inject some fantastical or absurd element to it.

What books and/or stories have most resonated with you as an author? Why? How do these stories and their characters find expression in your work? I read a lot of fantasy, science fiction, romance, and historical novels, but I think it is the stuff I grew up with--fairy tales, myths and legends, the works of Hayao Miyazaki and other various Japanese anime/manga--that have inspired me to dream about improbable places, people, and things and realize them through my writing.

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