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Margit Schmitt

Heavenly Bodies, illustration, June 1, 2009

Get to know Margit...

Birthdate? June 7th

When did you start illustrating? I began as a rank amateur, illustrating my own stories when I was seven years old.  It was in 2004 when I graduated from crayons to 3D rendering software, much to the relief of friends and family.

When and what and where did you make your first sale? My first sale was to Deadwood Magazine in 2007.  The image was of a woman covered in tribal-style tattoos, and was used on their cover.

Why do you paint or draw?  I am also a writer, and my artwork and stories are frequently just the metaphoric anvil I use to weigh the balance of the teeter-totter of inspiration when one muse or the other seems to be slacking off on the donut consumption.

Why do you work with Science Fiction and/or Fantasy? See above answer.  Seriously, my mind just works that way.

Do you work in any other medium? I work with a combination of Poser 7 and Adobe Photoshop. 

Do you blog? Where? I have a blog at my website

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