Magdalena Almero Nocea

Where the Forgetfulness Lives, illustration, Issue 30, March 1, 2015

Birth date? 17/03/1985

When did you start doing artwork? When I was five years old , my brother used to bring me some books about old paintings and sketches of renaissance artists and I tried to copy them , also my mother taught me handcrafting. After that , when I was about thirteen, Other of my brothers started to paint and bought some oil paintings,brushes, ... and I also tried to paint with his materials at home. Art has been part of all my life.

When and what and where did you first get published? When I was a teenager, I worked free as an illustrator for a cultural magazine with other young writers from my city, it was a proyect of some teachers and scholars to help beginners.

Do you use reoccurring themes or images in your illustrations? I used to draw horses and portraits, but I like all kinds of painting and I would like to be a surrealist painter.

What media do you like to work in? Why? My favorite media is oil painting , because I started painting with them and the result it's the best. In my books illustrations I like the classical appearance you get using wood pencils, pastel and charcoal, the effect of strokes are more realistic and softer than paint.

What artist's work do you most admire? How has this artist's work influenced you? I've always loved the surrealist artists, Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dalí, René Magritte, but every artists have something special and I try to know about classical and new artists, I check everyday websites, magazines .... I think it's very important to be updated and learn from others.

I was born in 1985 in Seville, Spain, in a middle class family who shared my love for arts and gave me unconditional support.

My passion for art, heritage and especially painting, led me to dedicate my life to them. I studied Fine Arts, with a major in painting and photography at the University of Seville and did specific training in areas such museum studies, heritage and teaching. Then I started to work as a full time artist working on advertisements, illustrations, book covers, portraits, .. because my dream is to be a small part of yours.