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Laura Bickle

Goldfish, fiction, Dec 1, 2008

Laura Bickle has worked in the unholy trinity of politics, criminology, and technology for several years. She and her chief muse live in the Midwest, owned by four mostly-reformed feral cats.

Her work has been published in Midnight Times, Down in the Cellar, MicroHorror, Theaker's Quarterly Fiction, New Voices in Horror, Ballista , Byzarium, a Blog-O-Novella office soap opera for True Office Confessions, and Aoife's Kiss. She was also the subject of author interviews in Midnight Times, New Voices in Horror, and SNM Horror Magazine. Laura has forthcoming work appearing in the second Cat Tales anthology. Her most recent project is a series of dark fantasy novels.

Her Website is,

Get to know Laura Bickle...

Birthdate? I'm a summer baby. I love the sunshine and warmth of summer, and really dislike the short, lightless days of winter.

When did you start writing? I think I've been writing since I could hold a pencil. One of the virtues of a rural childhood is learning the ability to entertain oneself. I told stories to my stuffed animals, to the dogs, to my dolls. Make-believe was very tightly integrated with my real world.

I've just started trying to get my work published in the last couple of years. It occurred to me that other people (besides the dogs) might enjoy reading what I've written.

When and what and where did you first get published? My first story, "The Highwayman," was published in Midnight Times in Spring, 2007. It's a story about a highwayman who discovers the remains of the victims of a raid in the frozen forest. While stalking more victims for his own purposes, the highwayman teases a greater predator than himself from the shadows: a woman who appears to him as the very incarnation of sunlight in the winter woods. 

Why do you write? I think that, for most writers, it's hard to imagine not writing. Ideas get lodged in my head, and the only way to get them out and make room for more is to get them down on paper. It's a constant process of head is always bubbling full, my pen's always spewing, and ideas are getting poured in the top.

Why do you write Science Fiction and/or Fantasy?Fantasy gives me nearly-unlimited leeway to bend the rules, to create something that hasn't been seen before. As a genre, I think it's the most exciting because it has the most fluid boundaries. The author is free to add a pinch of this, a dash of that, stir, and see what comes out of the brew. If it sprouts wings and flies, it's a success!

Who is your favorite author? Your favorite story? My favorite author is Robin McKinley. Ever since I read her "The Hero and the Crown" as a kid, I was hooked on fantasy. It was the first book I'd read in the fantasy genre that featured a powerful female protagonist. It goes beyond the traditional hero-slays-the-dragon tale into the emotional sacrifices made along the hero's journey, exploring the things the hero must leave behind.

What are you trying to say with your fiction? Most fantasy deals with archetypes and enduring images -- the hero, the magician, and the dragon, for example. I like to play with these ideas, to examine them in a slightly-different light of modern situations and conflicts. Sometimes, that light's a bit harsher than the traditional tales, but the old symbols will always have power to move us and tell our story, just in a different milieu.

Do you blog? Where? No blogging at the moment, but I do have a website at It links to many of my online fiction pieces, interviews, and biographical info.

If you could write your own epitaph, what would it say? "Here lies Laura...loved by cats, feared by humans."

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