KT Wagner

Analise's Grandma Rex, flash fiction, Issue 49, December 15, 2019

KT Wagner writes speculative fiction in the garden of her home on the west coast of Canada. She enjoys daydreaming and is a collector of strange plants, weird trivia and obscure tomes. KT graduated from Simon Fraser University’s Writers Studio in 2015 (Southbank 2013). Her short stories are published or podcast at Daily Science Fiction, Factor Four, The Twisted Book of Shadows, The Centropic Oracle, Toasted Cake and several anthologies. She’s currently working on a scifi-horror novel. KT can be found online at www.northernlightsgothic.com and @KT_Wagner

Get to know KT Wagner...


I'd rather not share the date publicly, but I am a Virgo and I'm old enough to have two grown sons in their late twenties. :)

When did you start writing?

I started writing as a young child. My mother recently found a notebook of short stories I wrote when I was eight. However, in high school I wrote for the school newspaper and for the next thirty years I wrote non-fiction. Almost ten years ago, I also turned my attention to writing fiction.

When and what and where did you first get published?

In my early teens, I wrote a letter to the editor of a national Canadian newspaper about the separatist movement in the province of Quebec and my hopes for national unity.

Why do you write?

Writing helps me make sense of the world. It's a way to explore emotions, relationships and issues. I believe writing is an essential, and unique, aspect of human communication.

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