Kimberley Long-Ewing

Forensix, fiction, December 1, 2010

Birthdate? 4/27/1964

When did you start writing? I started writing fiction six years ago with an online graphic novel called Urban Fey. It can be read over at Before that, I did academic writing which isn't nearly as much fun.

When and what and where did you first get published? My first short story was published in August 2009 by Crossed Genres. It was an alternative history story called "Brahma's Missile".

Why do you write? My muse compels me. I started writing fiction because the stories were there and the characters kept pestering me. I had thought that if I wrote the stories then my muse would calm down. It's had the opposite effect actually so I just keep writing and looking for homes for my stories.

Why do you write Science Fiction and/or Fantasy? I like working with 'what ifs' - what are the implications of this idea or changing this bit of history or science?

Who is your favorite author? Your favorite story? This is a three-way tie. Neil Gaiman's American Gods, Kim Stanley Robinson's The Years of Rice and Salt, and Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.

What are you trying to say with your fiction? I explore the social implications of the environment. I'm interested in telling stories about strong characters who happen to be women and/or minorities. I think exploring issues of race/class/gender/culture brings a rich dimension to science fiction and fantasy.

Do you blog? Where? I do. My blog can be read over at