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Junior Mcean

Floral Pattern, artwork, September 1, 2009


Of the Bronx, New York then Anderson, Indiana and back: self taught for over 13 years, I have been studying basic web site/page building and graphic/digital designing for art events in a few locations in NYC, I'm also a cover artist of gaming,fantasy and sci-fi illustrations among my other designs of fractals too and a freelance graphic designer on the side too since 1996, pheeeeeeew so if you have a need for my skills please contact me for further discussion, thanks.Birthdate? 08/24/74

Get to know Junior...

When did you start illustrating? When I was 13 years of age, turn to digital artworks when I was 18 and never stopped since.

When and what and where did you make your first sale? At the Mounds Mall in Anderson, Indiana of November 2005, also at a silent auction in 2006.

Why do you paint or draw? It calms the mind, and flows of imagination, and creative skills start.

Why do you work with Science Fiction and/or Fantasy? Because I have been a fan of sci-fi and fantasy, it brings imagination to life, also the magic behind it and the artistry is awesome!!

Who is your favorite illustrator? Stan Lee. I was inspired by him also I graduated from the same school he did at Dewitt Clinton H.S.

What is your medium of choice? Do you work in any other medium? At the moment I stay with digital illustrations, because it fun and easier to do and I'm used to it, I hand draw a few times but only on a freelance basis if I need to create and sell logos, and t-shirts designs or snowboards to companies in need.

Does this particular illustration have a story behind it? Please share it. Not really more like a showcase of what it can be if a person where to have a story that goes with it.

Do you blog? Where? Sometimes,

If you could write your own epitaph, what would it say? That I'm not sure I have too many things in my head, lol!!

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