Jeffrey Hunt

Famous Last Words, flash fiction, Issue 51, June 2020

Jeffrey Hunt is a high school English teacher and tennis coach. He blogs at with his wife, a dietitian. They write about cooking and writing and being transplants to North Carolina. Jeffrey has been published in Mystery Weekly MagazineThe Norwegian American, and Schlock Magazine, and he has upcoming work in Collective Realms and Four Star Stories. Recently, Jeffrey's been fishing a lot, as he tries to figure out how to teach Romeo and Juliet if classes are doing distance learning come fall of 2020. It's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, though Jeffrey is always open to suggestions on how to best utilize Google Meet and Zoom (or open to suggestions on how to teach freshman in general).

Get to know Jeffrey...

July 14th

When did you start writing?
Unsuccessfully, I guess you could say I started in middle school. More successfully, I started writing fiction in graduate school, to pass the time and to keep myself entertained.

When and what and where did you first get published?
My first publication was a story called "Often Go Awry" in The WifFiles. That was in 2014 and they didn't pay and aren't around anymore. So that story's a bit obscure, though The Drabble published my "story" "Page 2, Paragraph 25" in 2018, which corresponded with my exit from the world of academia. And that publication's what really what lit a fire under me. I've had longer stuff since, but I absolutely love The Drabble so I'd urge people to check them out. They put out a single, 100 word-or-less piece of poetry or prose ever single day, and it's always all so magnificently clever.

Why do you write?
Writing helps make me a better English teacher. It's fun, it passes the time, and I really enjoy having a creative outlet.

Why do you write Science Fiction and/or Fantasy?
Science fiction and fantasy offer the best commentaries we humans have regarding who we are. "Spec fic" allows us to understand problems and beauty and everything else in ways that are enlightening and through means that often slip under our defenses.

Who is your favorite author? Your favorite story?
My favorite author is Joseph Heller, of 
Catch-22. My favorite story (and STORY -- while the book is great, the story is perfection) is "Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keyes.

What are you trying to say with your fiction?
I really want to just make people laugh. The niche of humorous science fiction is one that doesn't get enough attention, and I'm not sure if I'm the best at tackling "big ideas." So I try for comedy, and I hope it works.

If you could write your own epitaph, what would it say?
"He was a terrific husband."

Do you blog?
Yes, at The blog should... be updated a lot more frequently, but it is there!

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