Gerri Leen

Letting Go, fiction, March 1, 2008
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Birthdate? I'm a November Scorpio of 60's vintage.

When did you start writing? I've dabbled in fiction since I was a kid, started writing poetry in the 1980's, but didn't start writing fiction steadily until 2000.

When and what and where did you first get published? My first published story was "Obligations Discharged" in the Star Trek Strange New Worlds VII new writer contest anthology. This came out in 2004.

Why do you write? Because I can't not write. Because it gives me joy to write. Because I hope I have something fun, or interesting, or enlightening, or creepy to share.

Why do you write Science Fiction and/or Fantasy? I love the freedom these genres give a writer. Freedom geographically and thematically. Also, I love to incorporate mythology in my work, and Fantasy really lends itself to that.

Who is your favorite author? Your favorite story? I don't have one favorite author and some of my favorite writers aren't, strictly speaking, authors. Joss Whedon, creator of BuffyAngel, and Firefly, is a writing god to me. So is Kevin Smith.  For more traditional authors, I'd point to Doug Coupland, Armistead Maupin, Connie Willis, Brendan Halpin, Alice Hoffman, and Max Barry. I also love Simon R. Green's Nightside novels. My favorite single story would have to be the novel 
Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins.

What are you trying to say with your fiction? Depends on the piece. Some of the themes I play with are redemption, sacrifice, love in its many forms, the price of having what you want, betrayal, and coming to terms with life or the end of same. Other times, I'm just having fun and/or being very silly.

Do you blog? Where? I don't blog. I'm a luddite at times. Also into my privacy. I tried to blog and couldn't do it. Maybe someday, I'll learn to blog.

If you could write your own epitaph, what would it say? "We're sad she's gone."

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