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Gene Twaronite

Trash Picker on Mars, poem, Issue 22, March 1, 2013

Wizards at Heart, poem, Issue 35, June 1, 2016

The Next Big Thing, poem, Issue 43, June 15, 2018

The Persistence of Pheromones, poem, Issue 48, September 2019

The Yellow Snake, poem, Issue 49, December 2020

Future Portrait of Dark Matter, poem, issue 55, June 2021

                                                      Plea for an Imaginary Amphibian, poetry, Issue 56, September 2021

Gene Twaronite is the author of ten books, including two juvenile fantasy novels as well as collections of essays, short stories, and poems. His first poetry collection Trash Picker on Mars (Kelsay Books) was the winner of the 2017 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for Arizona poetry. Other poetry collections include The Museum of Unwearable Shoes and What the Gargoyle Sees

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Get to know Gene...

When did you start writing? Started keeping a journal about fifty years ago, a discipline I’ve not been able to maintain.
When and what and where did you first get published? Beginning in 1980, I began writing short essays for various regional alternative newspapers and shoppers, and continued doing so as I moved across the country. My first commercial success was in 1987, when my fantasy story “The Glacier That Almost Ate Main Street” was published by Highlights for Children
What themes do you like to write about? Humor—especially the absurd kind—invariably creeps into my work, in one way or another. There is a strong element of the absurd in most of the writing. The question of Why are we here? holds a particular fascination.
What books and/or stories have most resonated with you as an author? Why? How do these stories and their characters find expression in your work? I have always been especially drawn to science fiction and fantasy writers who create such convincing worlds that you feel as if you could live in them. They have inspired me to write two novels and dozens of short stories, in which I have tried to do the same. Lately I have found that it is possible to create entire new worlds within my poems. That is my main creative challenge: to create convincing new worlds of thought within my works. And if I can get people to laugh in the process, even better.

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