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Elizabeth R. McClellan

Memphis Street Railway Co. v. Stratton:  1915, poetry, Issue 18, June 1, 2012

The Subtle Arts of Chemistry, poetry, Issue 30, March 1, 2015

Elizabeth R. McClellan is a lawyer, poet and occasional loudmouth who considers the Middle and Western Grand Divisions of Tennessee her collective backyard because she lives in the geographic center of the state.  Her work has previously appeared in New MythsApex MagazineGoblin FruitStone Telling and The Legendary.  If asked to pick a favorite mythical girl gang, Ms. McClellan's preference is a photo finish between the Bacchae and the gopis.  Ms. McClellan's poetry performances can be seen at and links to many of her published works can be found at  Follow her on Twitter at @popelizbet or on Facebook at

Get to know Elizabeth...
When did you start writing? I remember writing my first poem at the age of seven. I began writing for publication in my early thirties. 
When and what and where did you first get published? My work first appeared in 2001 in Vol. 29 of Firefly MagazineMy first professional sale was my poem "Anything So Utterly Destroyed," a retelling of the Frankenstein story from the point of view of the second monster, which appeared in the October 2010 issue of Apex Magazine.

What themes do you like to write about? Heroic monstresses and monstrous humans; soul confessions; old stories retold.

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