Christine Morgan

Kvasir's Blood, fiction, Issue 42, March 15, 2018

Christine Morgan grew up in the high desert and headed north for water and trees as soon as she was of age. Twice married, twice divorced, twice cancer-battler, she has an amazing adult daughter who's a talented writer in her own right. Christine relocated to Portland Oregon a couple of years ago and has been active in the local bizarro and weird fiction scene; she's particularly known for her oddball crafts and bringing goodies to events. An avid reader, she's a regular contributor to The Horror Fiction Review. She also occasionally dabbles in editing, being four books into the Fossil Lake anthology series. Her other interests include superheroes, cheesy disaster movies, cooking shows, modifying Barbie dolls, and working toward becoming a crazy cat lady. Birthday? March 30th, 1967 ... hit the big 5-0 this year, eek. When did you start writing? I was always the kid in my neighborhood friend group in charge of making up the stories we'd play with our dolls or plastic animals; the first story I remember actually writing was in a grade school journal assignment, about foxes trying to escape a fire. When and what and where did you first get published? My first published piece was a writeup of an alchemist and his shop, in Steve Jackson Games' Pyramid Magazine. My first pro sale was a zombie story called "Dawn of the Living-Impaired," to The Book of All Flesh anthology. What themes do you like to write about? My biggest loves are historical horror and dark fantasy, mythology, folklore, ancient cultures, combinations (Myth meets Mythos is always fun), mash-ups, pastiches, and smut. I'm a big fan of extreme horror a la Richard Laymon and Edward Lee, and some of my work is now tending in that direction. What books and/or stories have most resonated with you as an author? Why? How do these stories and their characters find expression in your work? That I've read? Landmark books include discovering The Shining when I was ten, Bernard Cornwell's Saxon series for waking my inner Viking, Edward Lee's City Infernal because his Mephistopolis is my favorite setting of all time, and a lot of non-fiction. That I've written? It's got to be the Viking stuff ... I knew I'd found my true niche when I wrote "The Barrow-Maid" for a historical zombie anthology, decided to see if I could Viking all the things for upcoming calls, and now here I am with one full collection (The Raven's Table) already and enough stories building up for a second. But I also must admit, I had great fun writing the badwrong stuff like Murder Girls and my Deadite Press debut, Spermjackers From Hell. Website? Facebook page? personal: ... author: Twitter? CMorganAuthor

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