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Chris Sumption

Forgotten, Illustration, March 1, 2009

Wheelbarrow, Illustration, March 1, 2009 

A native northwesterner, Christopher Sumption was born in Portland,Oregon in 1971. He moved with his family to Seattle, Washington in 1975 where he spent a lot of time looking at airplanes and blowing stuff up. In 1993 he obtained his degree in Industrial Design at the Seattle Art Institute.

He currently resides in Seattle where he drinks Mountain Dew Slurpees, and works as a freelance illustrator.

Get to know Chris...

Birthdate? May 9th, 1971

When did you start illustrating? 1998

When and what and where did you make your first sale? 2003, Comic style illustration of a futuristic soldier, sold at Norwescon 25

Why do you paint or draw? Still haven't figured that one out yet, It's one of those things I have always done since early childhood.

Why do you work with Science Fiction and/or Fantasy?

Who is your favorite illustrator? Probably Ralph McQuarrie. he was good at framing his subject matter, very similar to Edward Hopper who I also enjoy.

What is your medium of choice? Do you work in any other medium? For Science Fiction, I work in Digital. For abstract pieces I usually work in Acrylics.

Does these particular illustrations have a story behind them? Please share it. Not so much a story, but an effect. A lot of my subject matter over the past four years centers around having machines emulate human situations or human qualities.

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