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Chris Cartwright

Goddess of War, illustration, June 1, 2009

Chris Cartwright has a degree in Visual Communications and has been creating book covers, posters, CD/DVD covers and story illustrations since 2003. She has also created illustrations for games and various other projects. Although she creates images for any genre, her main focus is the macabre and fantasy. Chris lives in southwestern Indiana with her husband and 2 cats Piper and Buffy.

Her website is,

Get to know Chris...

Birthdate? 12/28/1959

When did you start illustrating? 2003

When and what and where did you make your first sale? It was a book cover that I created in the year 2003 right after I got out of college. I was living in Mount Vernon IN at the time.

Why do you paint or draw? I have always enjoyed painting when I was a child. My Grandmother was an oil painter and I learned a lot from her. I then got involved with computers and discovered electronic art programs. I was in heaven!

Why do you work with Science Fiction and/or Fantasy? That also is Grandma’s fault. She was always reading and watching horror, fantasy and sci-fi stuff and she got me interested in it and I always have been since a small child.

Who is your favorite illustrator? That is a hard one! I love the works of Ciruelo Cabral and I also love Salvador Dali.

What is your medium of choice? I use computer generated art programs. 

Do you work in any other medium? No, not at this time.

Does this particular illustration have a story behind it? Yes. She is suppose to represent softness and strength…she is the Goddess of War so that she has a hold on War..controlling release at her own will.

Do you blog? No

If you could write your own epitaph, what would it say? I live in your warm life and you die, sweetly die into mine. “ you asked ;) “

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