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Anna Yeatts

White Petaled Wings, fiction, Issue 34, March 1, 2016

Anna Yeatts is a dark fantasy and horror writer living in North Carolina. Her short fiction has appeared in Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Daily Science Fiction, and Penumbra eMagazine among other venues. She publishes Flash Fiction Online ( and lives beneath a small mountain of slush. Follow her at or on Twitter @AnnaYeatts.

Get to know Anna:

Birthday? August 31
When did you start writing? Officially I started writing in 2011. I was accepted into Uncle Orson's 2011 Literary Boot Camp with the first page I ever really tried writing. I'm still not sure how that happened, but he let me in, and I survived. It was like jumping into the deep end of the pool but I definitely learned how to swim. 
When and what and where did you first get published? My first professional publication was "Second Chances" published in the YA anthology Suddenly Lost in Words in 2014. 
What themes do you like to write about? I find myself writing about relationships and the ways they go wrong. I'm fascinated by what we do to the people closest to us, be it family or friends or lovers, and the struggles we put each other through. Love, in any form, is always messy. And I believer those make the best stories.
What books and/or stories have most resonated with you as an author? Why? How do these stories and their characters find expression in your work? My favorite book is Shirley Jackson's We Have Always Lived in the Castle. There's something about Merricat, the story's main character, as a delicious yet fascinating narrator who is completely unreliable. I'm also a big fan of Charlotte Perkins Gilman and "The Yellow Wallpaper", another narrator who can't be trusted. I'd like to think that my characters are developed enough that their own needs and struggles sometimes eclipse the actual truth of the situation. I think it's the narrative that lies in this gray area, between fact and interpretation, that makes the most powerful stories.

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