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Andy Heizeler

Galactic Saviors, fiction, June 1, 2008

Get to know Andy...

Birthdate? 18 August 1975


When did you start writing? In 1985 at the age of ten on a Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer.


When and what and where did you first get published? The first story to make it to print was "Dean The Space Rogue" in Ray Gun Revival issue #40


Why do you write? I write to entertain others and myself. Not much different than exotic dancing, really.


Why do you write Science Fiction and/or Fantasy? I find that science fiction is the one field where you can really open up the floodgates of the imagination. All day, every day, we spend our lives trapped in the world of the mundane. No stardrives, our lasers do boring things like confuse the cat and perform corrective eye surgery, the television is still two dimensional and we can't have a converstation about quantum mechanics or even chicken soup with the robots that clean our floors. I write science fiction to bring others into worlds where the improbable is ordinary and the impossible is right around the bend.


Who is your favorite author? Your favorite story? My favorite author is by far, Robert A. Heinlein. Of his many wonderful works, I've re-read Starship Troopers the most times.  


What are you trying to say with your fiction? Two things, really. The universe is alive and most certainly has a sense of humor (though it may be warped at times), and secondly, don't take life too seriously when you don't have to.


Do you blog? Where? I am, alas, blogless.


If you could write your own epitaph, what would it say?  "Dear Alien Species doing archeological work, please ressurect me as I have ALL THE ANSWERS."

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