While Morning Stars Sing 

Edited by Lyndon Perry

Reviewed by Joyce Frohn

Lyndon Perry has combined two difficult areas, religion and science-fiction/ fantasy in her latest anthology While Morning Stars Sing. This is a small press book but it looks beautiful and is very well put together. There are twenty-seventy short stories, a one-act play, and ten poems. 

Here are mermaids that discuss life after death, a woman who uses the last of her magic and an old quilt to save her children from a terrible fate, and a vampire who is trying to warn others of his kind of a hidden danger.  In a Medieval world, an executioner has an argument with a saint, a busybody old lady finds out who the worst sinner in her town is, a very strange church can show a man what is really important in his life but does he want to know? A paralyzed man discovers that his spirit can still walk and help others but what will be the price? A little girl who can see spirits has to decide whether to help her grandmother or keep her world the way it is, a woman follows a man she hardly knows into an unknown world, a woman who has to deal with missing the end of the world, an alien kid and a human kid almost start an intergalactic war over a prank, a duel of Golems in the deep south has strange and hilarious side affects, a young man seeks a blood sacrifice to end a plague and a wise woman has all the answers he needs and they’re not what his village is expecting. A young man in a future world has to call on all his powers to fix his world or is it our world? An elfin boy wants an electric guitar and knows it will make his power incredible but he needs help from a human friend, a young man has to deal with the power he has and the anger that fuels it, a man in mourning has let go of his last link to his wife in very special way.

And finally there is a story that might not be classified as fantasy or even as fiction, if you believe. There are some stories so short
that they are gone in a flash and some linger. There are funny, dark and mainly strange things here. There are lovely illustrations both on the cover and in the body of the book, although now of them are connected to the stories. The poetry is lyrical and beautiful and all
of it circles around faith, belief and the power that can lurk in hidden places. The title comes from a Bible verse and is the basis for
the lovely cover art.