Gray Apocalypse 

by James Murdoch

Reviewed by Susie Hawes

In Puerto Rico, in May of 1988, Amaury Rivera was abducted by aliens. Terrible things were shown to him, and he was released to warn mankind.

Of course, he was shunned, ingored, belittled by so many. But, what if?

James Murdoch, a professional investigator, dares to ask himself this question.  He answeres it in the novel, "Gray Apocalypse?, leavng very little to the imagination.

An asteroid hurtles through space on a collision course with our planet. Only a handful of humans can stop it. One, the mysterious, former assassin Kendon breaks away from the underground society bent on helping the aliens demolish our species, and contacts the daughter of his friend, the scientist, Laura Meller. Kendon enlists Laura's aid, not revealing that he was the one who killed her father.

Meanwhile an astronomer, Eric Tepler, has spotted the killer asteroid.

As the story unfolds we discover that the Roswell Incident was only one of many, and that our government has been working with the gray "Breeder" aliens to create hybrid alien/human creatures who stand to inherit the earth once the asteroid has scoured it clean of all life. The gray aliens are god-like and stand not only to gain control of a planet but also a class of servants.  I suppose in a way, the government expects humanity to survive in the hybrids.

This novel is a page turner, filled with sharp visuals, dangerous conspiracies, well-draw, sympathetic characters and a premise that is classic sci-fi. Tight, intelligent plotting is interspersed with humanizing moments, like when an ex-assassin tries to help a child who has cancer. The author provides a link to Chapter Seven on his website, so the reader can get a feel of the book:

Author James Murdoch's background as an investigator shows in the novel's approach to the subject matter, and his skill with words makes this novel shine.

This is a great entry into the "Aliens Take Over the World" genre. If you liked the X-Files, you're gonna love this one.

James Murdoch's web site:

Publisher: Demand Publications (April 1, 2009), ISBN-10: 0966443098

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