Scott T. Barnes


A graduate of the Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop, Scott T. Barnes' short fiction won second place in the Writers of the Future Contest, 2011. He has published short stories in over a dozen magazines, including; History and Horror, Oh My!Niteblade; Bewildering Stories; The Lamppost Literary Journal; Trail of Indiscretion; and more. 

He grew up on a farm/cattle ranch in California and has worked in marketing, sales, teaching English as a foreign language in France, and commercial real estate. He holds an MBA from the Claremont Graduate School and a BA in Journalism/Spanish from CSU Fresno. He also attended La Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico and La Sorbonne University in France. He is the editor of and former Director of the American Christian Fiction Writers-West. More on Scott, including a complete bibliography, can be found at

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