Family Support

Parent and Family Participation! 
Together we are a team!

Incident Reports
At times when our Newman students are unable to reset and move on with their day positively, your child may be given an incident report. This report is our way of communicating to our families that we need your help in reinforcing our Newman expectations. We know that as a team, Child-Home-School, there isn't anything that we can't do. Please be assured that we will not be asking for your help on a first offense. Our goal is to provide the tools and supports necessary for your child to correct their own behavior before an incident report is needed.

A copy of this can be downloaded below!

Parent Nurtured Heart Training! 
Initial Phase: Newman's Parent Training to prepare parents was offered during the school year 2015-16

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Benefits of Family Involvement! 

• Higher test scores
• Better grades
• Better attendance
• Higher levels of homework completion
• More positive student motivation
• Improved attitudes about school work
Darsch, Miao, & Shippen. (2004) A Model for Involving Parents of Children with Learning and Behavior Problems in the Schools: Preventing School Failure 48(3), 24-35

Family Involvement has a positive effect on student behavior:
• When families are involved, students exhibit more positive attitudes and behavior.
• When students report feeling support from both home and school, they have more self-confidence, feel school is more important, and they tend to do better in school.
• Student at-risk behaviors such as alcohol use, violence, and other anti-social behaviors decrease as parent involvement increases.

Books used in training staff at Newman! Great resources for parents as well!


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