Celebrating your GREATNESS! 
Building your inner wealth

What if you went about your entire life trying to bring forth the ‘greatness’ in every person you met? You would stop and notice. You would honor and name every great thing you saw, so enamored by their gifts and the values they exhibit in the way they live.  One of the qualities which I know to be fairly strong in myself is a core faith that all people are good; that while they may not manifest it in their actions consistently, it lies within them – perhaps untapped, unrecognized even by themselves.  They have let their mirror reflect only what others have said about them, what negative beliefs they have owned about the world, themselves, and their journey.  They live in their problems and their past. Yet I know each person has the best of intentions: the best intention to be the best of themselves that they can.  They fall short when their brain goes right to the anger/fear/worry that is often their first thought in a new situation, or one where experience taught them to not trust.  They have forgotten to be enamored with themselves.  
Imagine the power they possess, you possess, if you were to live as though you were great. You are great.  To honor your greatness always.  This life is not about survival but about living.  Not a discovery process – a recovery process of your ultimate greatness, that has been there all along. 

We at Newman intend to recognize the abundance of GREATNESS in our students!

Notched up greatness spilled upon the lucky person in the chair

Recognizing GREATNESS! 
Used in daily interactions

Daily School - Wide GREATNESS Goals! 
Read on announcements and reinforced throughout the day

                                                    One example...

Samples... "Greatness Words" used at school...


Positive Reinforcement
Promoting Success in positive ways


Greatness Lessons
Being the best version of ourselves!


Dream Trip...
As part of our guidance curriculum, your child has been taking “Dream Trips” in the classroom! The goal of these “Dream Trips” was to build Teamwork, Communication, Motivation, and Trust. We encourage you to watch your child’s video (using the link below) and share in a positive conversation on how your child can use this information to build relationships and connections with his/her friends. Enjoy!

Your child’s classroom “Dream Trip” video links:
Mrs. Bock’s Classroom:
Mrs. Pope’s Classroom:
Miss Hutchison’s Classroom:
Mrs. Chamberlin’s Classroom:
Mrs. Farrington’s Classroom:
Mrs. Smith’s Classroom:
Mrs. Martin’s Classroom:
Mrs. Steenblock’s Classroom:
Mrs. Fox’s Classroom:
Mrs. Hamilton’s Classroom:

Inner Wealth...What we believe to be true about ourselves.
Watch "Inner Wealth" scene on The Horse Whisperer:
Students work on recognizing their GREATNESS....what they believe to be true about themselves...

Book read with and discussed with students: Why Am I Here? 
    A Story about becoming the-best-version-of-yourself!

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