Each staff member will be versed in the use of appropriate function based interventions and natural consequences that can be used. The staff will also begin looking at behavior by it’s function…who, what, when, where, why as well as the ABC’s of the behavior (antecedent, behavior, consequence). In other words, what happened before and after the behavior. This will allow staff to make informed decisions as to "why" the behavior occurred and in doing so, allow staff to proceed in proactive measures rather than reactive. In addition, clear definitions of what behaviors are an instant trip to the office – Majors, and what behaviors are taken care of in the classroom- Minors will be defined and implemented by all staff. It is very important that every staff member is consistent to make a positive, lasting impact. 

Natural vs. Logical Consequences
(Download a copy of Newman's Consequences at bottom of page)


·    Natural Consequence is basically allowing the child to experience a consequence that relates most closely with the action. This consequence is so natural that there is no need for additional consequences to be determined by and adult. Therefore, it is not planned or controlled.

·    Logical Consequence is an approach to discipline that is planned or controlled by an adult using consequences that relate to the behavior. This is a powerful way of responding to children's misbehavior that not only is effective in stopping the behavior but is respectful of children and helps them to take responsibility for their action. 

Minor vs. Major Flowchart
(Download a copy of flowchart at the bottom of page)

   Major and Minor detailed breakdown can be viewed and downloaded below.

Learning how to get thru the tough times in life! 

A series of guidance lessons will be specifically taught by the Newman staff centered around life/social skills.
We will practice these skills necessary to live happy lives filled with greatness!

Incident Reports
In the event that a child is unable to reset and move on with their day positively, the child may be given an incident report. This report is our way of communicating to our families that we need your help in reinforcing our Newman expectations. We know that as a team, Child-Home-School, there isn't anything that we can't do. Please be assured that we will not be asking for your help on a first offense. Our goal is to provide the tools and supports necessary for your child to correct their own behavior before an incident report is needed.

A copy of this can be downloaded below!

Brain Breaks
When you move more, you learn more because healthy students learn better. Research shows that physical activity affects the brain in ways that allow students to be more engaged and ready to learn.

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