The Mission Of  The Newman Catholic School System Is To Educate Individuals

In The Catholic Tradition By Developing Their Spiritual, Intellectual, And Cultural Lives

Newman Elementary has adopted a program known as PBS (Positive Behavior and Supports). The purpose of school wide PBS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm, students feel safe, and students are allowed to learn. This will then provide a solid foundation to attend to the greatness of each child.

PBS tries to do a variety of things for students and for schools, such as, but not limited to: offering formal social skills instruction; establishing positive adult role models; fostering positive active supervision and reinforcement, as well as high rates of academic and social success. The PBS framework is a counter-agent, helping schools move away from reactive management, addressing concerns around bullying behavior, establishing appropriate consequences for behavioral problems and offering options of using punishment as a teaching tool. 

For it to be successful, the entire school must be supportive of implementing the PBS framework. It is designed to enhance outcomes, behaviorally and academically, for all students. The framework relies on the use of the data to inform initial decisions about the selection, implementation and ongoing progress monitoring of the evidence-based practices. Secondly, the framework organizes resources and systems to improve long-term implementation fidelity. 

We will follow these universal principals throughout our school. 
R.O.Y.A.LRender Kindness, Obey Rules, Yield Respect, Accept Responsibility, and Live Honorably. 

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