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Our Pastors

Sr. Pastor Dr. Terry Stair
Terry Lee Edward Stair Sr. was born in Bethlehem Pa. and is a 3rd generation Evangelical preacher.  While growing up, Dr. Stair traveled to 35 of the US States with his father on Evangelical crusades. 

Dr. Terry Stair Married Debra Szeker and together have raised five children:
Terry Lee, Jr., Joel, Jason, Jeremy, and Heather.  Dr. Stair's personal hobbies include stamp collecting, GI Joe action figures, 50's & 60's memorabilia, history studies, and Star Trek. 

Dr. Stair has studied with the Philadelphia College of the Bible as well as the Berean School of the Bible and Jacksonville Theological Seminary.  From Jacksonville Theological Seminary Dr. Stair has received a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education, Master of Arts in Christian Psychology, a Doctorate of Theology, and a Doctorate of Religious Education. 

Dr. Terry Stair was ordained at Faith Temple Church in Sylvania, Georgia on November 17th, 1974.  Dr. Stair was licensed by the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel in Savannah, Georgia on April 3rd 1975.  Dr. Terry Stair pastored Marannatha Chapel Foursquare Church in Savannah from 1974-1986.  Dr. Terry Stair left Savannah in 1986 and began pastoring New Life Foursquare Church in Milledgeville, Georgia.  In 1995 Dr. Stair became a facilitator and the Alumni President for Jacksonville Theological Seminary.

Pastor Debbie Stair

Debra Elaine Szeker Stair was born in Savannah, Georgia in 1952 to Frank and Margaret Szeker.   Frank being an Air Force Sergeant for over 20 years and moving almost as many times, caused Debbie to be exposed to many different cultures and peoples, thereby giving her an edge on ministry.


Debbie married Terry Stair in August of 1972 and since then have raised five children (and also have five grandchildren with one on the wayDebbie’s personal hobbies are cooking, sewing, collecting Tea Pots and Tea paraphernalia –teas, tea books, tea cups, tea sets,  tea spoons, etc… But above all she loves her grandchildren.


Mrs. Debbie graduated from Jacksonville Theological Seminary with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. She was a nominee for the 2008 GCSU Flagg Social Justice Award.  She is an avid believer in prayer.  She seeks God’s face for all situations.  She believes that God’s Word is true and the final authority in all circumstances and that everyone can come to God “just as they are” and that God will receive them with open arms.


Debbie has been pastoring with her husband, Dr Terry Lee Stair, since 1975.  In 2005 she became a licensed minister, with an appointment as co-pastor with her husband at New Life Foursquare Church.  Since then she has been accepted as an International Licensed Minister with the Foursquare Gospel Church.  She continues to seek God’s Face for the New Life Foursquare Church and all contacts that she has with those needing Jesus!