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Our Vision and Mission

At New Life we are continually looking for ways to love each other, not through programs, but through organic, natural relationships.

New Life is a multi-generational church family where people are loved into God’s presence, and accepted as valuable to Him. The Word of God is the foundation for all that we are and all that we are becoming. We believe that God’s love is most effectively shared through authentic relationships, and that community transformation happens as we share our lives with others and invite them into a community of shared values. Loving God, Loving People, Making Disciples as we Go!

Teaching Equipping And Mobilizing Workers for the Harvest – We will see this mission as a reality by:

  • Planting the Word of God diligently and carefully into the hearts of all who will hear, expecting a harvest of righteousness. (Loving God)
  • Extending unconditional love to all people, whether they are churched or unchurched.  (Loving People)
  • Embracing every individual as a unique creation with unique gifts, passions, and calling. (Accepting People)
  • Intentionally discovering the gifts, passions, and callings of all who are willing; and providing a place for each to grow and serve accordingly. (Making Disciples)


  • People matter to God – Jesus died for everyone
  • People are more important than programs – Jesus died for people not programs
  • Praise as a vibrant expression of Love to Jesus – Praise and thanksgiving transport us into God’s Courts
  • Intimacy with God through honest Worship – Honesty leads to intimacy
  • The Body of Christ working in harmony – It takes every piece to complete the puzzle
  • The importance of the individual – We are all unique, with different gifts, passions, and calling
  • The Word of God is the final authority in our lives – If it doesn't line up with the Word then it has to go