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We are proud to offer our members online tools powered by Google.  Below is an outline of tools available to members of New Life Foursquare Church.  If you are already a member and have already registered, you can Click Here to access your email, calendars, and documents.


New Life Mail

New Life Foursquare Church email is now powered by Google Mail.  New Life mail gives each user 7GB of email storage space, integrated Instant Messaging, Voice Chat, Video Chat, Intuitive Search Options and more.  You can configure your account to be used with Eudora, Outlook, Apple Mail, and many other clients.  Or, use Google's webmail client to access your New Life mail from any computer with a Web Browser!

New Life Personal Calendars

New Life Foursquare Church offers it's email users unlimited free personal calendars.  Coordinate events, keep track of your personal schedule, create a calendar specifically for your ministry team!  With unlimited calendars, you can keep both private and public calendars.  Create calendars to share with the world, or with a select few.  Configure email notifications for you and your calendar subscribers.

New Life Talk

New Life Foursquare Church offers it's email users Google Talk accounts.  Google Talk is compatible with AIM, and allows for both voice and video chat.  Google Talk can be downloaded as a stand-alone program, or configured to run within your New Life webmail.

New Life Office

New Life Foursquare Church offers it's email users Google Docs accounts.  New Life Office allows users to create, upload, and share Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, Powerpoint Presentations, and PDF files.  It's like Microsoft Office, but it's online, completely secure, and private.

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All these programs are available when you sign up for an email address with New Life Foursquare Church.  In order to receive an email address, please click the link and fill out the form.  Please note: these accounts are reserved for those members who attend or are involved with New Life Foursquare Church. 

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If you have questions or need technical support, please contact:


Samuel Otto