Kindergarten with Ms. Stephens

Welcome to Kindergarten


Kindergarten students attend full days; Monday/Wednesday (Star Class) or Tuesday/Thursday (Heart Class) with rotating Fridays. You can view the Friday schedule on the Google Calendar. Please continue to check the Fridays each month in case of unexpected/emergency changes. If for any reason there is a change, you will be notified. Our days are packed full of fun curriculum based activities. We do have a rest period of 15 minutes following lunch. Kindergarten students attend french, music and gym classes. We have three outdoor recesses daily.

Drop off/Pick up

For the beginning of the year, you are welcome to walk your child into school. For pick up, if you are arriving before the bell rings for dismissal please wait outside until the doors are unlocked. Please wait by the doors, and do not come down to the classroom. We are encouraging students to be independent so they will pack up and get ready on their own and come to meet you at the entry way at 3:15pm.

Kindergarten students have their own doors located on the North-West side of the school facing Hawkins Cres. This door is for kindergarten use only. If you have other children at our school, please have them use their designated doors and walk around outside. Doors will be opened in the morning from 8:20 am until 8:35 am. If you arrive late and the door is locked, please use the front main doors. This door will open in the afternoon at 3:10 pm. Please remember not everything always goes as planned, therefore if the door is a few minutes late being opened we have not forgotten you :)!


If your child will be absent from school, please inform the office by email (kindly cc myself as well) or by phone (780-416-2353) as quickly as possible. Please try to ensure you child is arriving on time; the start of the day is very important to our daily routines.

Early Dismissal Wednesdays

The first Wednesday of every month is Early Out. Students are dismissed at 2:15pm. As students leave one hour early the Star Class will make up this time by having two extra days which will take place on Fridays. This will be marked on the Google Calendar.

Snack, Lunch and Water Bottles

Please pack a small nutritious snack for the morning along with your child's lunch each day. A nutritious breakfast is important; as we do not eat snack first thing in the morning. Lunch begins at 12:00, when we go outside for recess followed by approximately 35 minutes to eat. Kindly remind your child that they cannot share food with their classmates. Please label all containers you send to school and send along any needed utensils as we do not have extras at school. Watch for more information to come about our Hot Lunch Program. Please send a water bottle daily with your child. Water bottles are not stored at school as we are not in attendance everyday in kindergarten. Please ensure your child is able to open their own water bottle.


New Horizons is an Environmentally Friendly School. Therefore all Calendars and News will be electronic and accessible on this webpage. Reminders, additional information and urgent messages will be sent via email. Please ensure you provide an email address which is checked daily to ensure no information about our class and your child is missed. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone anytime. I check my email on a regular basis, before and after school as well as most evenings/weekends.

Kanga Pouches

Every child will receive a Kanga Pouch. This pouch is to come back and forth to school everyday. It is used to send home any work, messages or forms. You may used it as a form of communication if you need to send in a notes/messages.

Important Dates

Google Calendar will be used for all events and activities happening this year. You will also find the Friday Schedule on the calendar. Please be sure to check the calendar in order to stay up to date. For more information about events, you can click on the event in the Google Calendar or check out the news page. Please note that the Google Calendar is for both kindergarten classes, therefore watch dates carefully.


Throughout the year, different activity bags will be send home with your child to enhance their learning. Everyone will get a turn with each activity bag. Instructions will be included with the activity as well as materials needed. Please complete the bags and send them back the following school day. If for some reason the activity bag can not be complete by the next school day, please contact me via email. Some bags which will be sent home this year include; All about Me, Honey Bear, and the Mystery Bag.

Library Books

We visit the Library once a week. Students are allowed to check out two books at a time and can keep them for up to two weeks. Check out the Calendar for library times and reminders.

Birthday Celebrations

In Kindergarten, we look forward to celebrating everyone's birthday. If you would like to send in a snack to celebrate your child's special day, you are more than welcome to. We ask that you opt for a healthy choice. Some examples include fruit (apples, bananas, strawberries), crackers & cheese, or granola bars (nut free). Please contact myself prior to your child's birthday if you are sending a snack.


Our school is a nut aware environment. Please keep this in mind when packing lunches or sending in any treats to the classroom. Food in our classroom must be clearly marked 'nut-free'. Please do not send nuts of any kind to school with your child.

Personal Belongings

Please remember to label all personal belongings coming to school including backpacks, clothing, jackets, mittens, hats, etc. Students are allowed to bring stuffies and toys for recess, however they must remain in their backpack during all other times. If students are bringing such items to school, it is their responsibility to take care of their stuffie or toy from getting dirty, broken, or lost. Please help ensure your child is responsible for their own belongings or encourage them to leave it at home. If students become distracted, unsafe, or upset with regards to a personal belonging, it will be taken from the child and returned at the end of the day. Communication with a parent will follow.

School Supplies

We share our school supplies in kindergarten with all students. Extra clothes, paint shirts, and headphones are stored for individual use, therefore please ensure they are labeled clearly. At the end of they year, any extra supplies are divided evenly between students and sent home for reuse.

Special Events

In Kindergarten, we have lots of fun activities which are unique to us. Please be sure to watch our calendar as well as the school calendar. Please note kindergarten students may not be present for every school wide event. We do our very best to ensure students are able to participate in some school wide events throughout the year.

Parent Volunteers

Parent Volunteers are very welcome in Kindergarten. We have lots of events which helping hands are greatly appreciated. Watch out for a sign up sheet at Meet the Teacher for the parent volunteer email list.