Real Estate Experts connects
home buyers, sellers and a
select few local experts


We have a simple goal: to connect every home buyer and seller with the best local real estate experts – agents, appraisers, attorneys, custom builders, home inspectors and mortgage finance professionals.

We make it easy to find the best experts

Finding the most qualified local experts is a difficult, time-consuming and confusing process.

To remedy that, we've created online social networks where buyers and sellers will meet only highly-qualified experts - no rookies, no self-proclaimed experts, no part-timers, no generalists, no time-wasters. Only the best. 

Learn from the experts

Home buyers and sellers crave expert information and advice – and lots of it. Our online social networks enable buyers and sellers to communicate with experts through public and private groups, discussion forums, video, photo albums, blogs, real-time chat, syndicated news feeds and informative articles  

Only a few experts will be chosen

There are many real estate professionals who qualify as experts. Home buyers and sellers don't have the time to meet all of them, so we limit participation in the network to a small number of professionals in each local market.

We will feature, for example, only five agent experts in Chicago's Gold Coast and Streeterville neighborhoods and the North Shore suburbs of Wilmette and Kenilworth.

Not social networking may soon equal not working

Online social networks have experienced explosive growth in the past several years and have recently passed e-mail as the most common method of communicating online. Every day a growing number of home buyers and sellers meet real estate professionals through these networks.

Real estate professionals who aren't participating – or not participating expertly – in these networks risk continued loss of market share.

Our experts program includes the tools, training, coaching and one-on-one support professionals need to showcase their expertise most effectively.

Contact us if you qualify

Review our program offerings and requirements on this site. If you qualify and would like to become one of our real estate experts, contact:


Joe Zekas  312-280-9780 x 100 or 312-961-4837.

Chuck Gekas  312-280-9780 x 104.

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Real Estate Experts extends your sphere of influence into online
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