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The purpose of the NFPS Professional Learning site is to facilitate and map professional learning for teachers in the District. Please use this site to record professional learning, while considering the research described below to anchor our understanding of how teachers learn best practices. 

In order to use professional development as a vehicle for improvement, we need to implement key findings from research: 

  1. Approaches to professional development must support teacher collaboration. When teachers learn together, we can promote school change beyond individual classrooms. (When all teachers in a school learn together, all students in the school benefit).

  2. Effective professional development should be intensive, ongoing and connected to practice.

  3. Teachers require 50 hours of professional development in a given area to improve their skills and impact student learning.

  4. Teachers need more time to plan, collaborate and develop high quality lessons and curriculum. Efforts to improve student achievement can succeed only by building capacity of teachers to improve their instructional practice and the capacity of school systems to promote teacher learning.
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October 11, 2016 Survey Results

Summer Survey Results, August 2016