Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past decade, the movement to adopt mastery-based approaches to teaching, learning, and graduating has gained momentum throughout the United States, as more educators, parents, business leaders, and elected officials recognize that high academic expectations and strong educational preparation are essential to success in today’s world. Schools use mastery-based learning to raise academic standards, ensure that more students meet those higher expectations, and graduate more students better prepared for adult life (Great Schools Partnership).

The mission of NFMS is to educate all students to mastery of content and skills.  In order to do so, we are revising our grading practices to be aligned to the standards students must meet.  That way, grades will be a clearer indication of what students have learned, not simply a measure of how much work they can turn in or how hard they might try in class.  Learning is the indicator of success.  

  1. CT State Guidelines for Mastery-Based Learning
  2. What are the Principles of Mastery-Based Learning?
  3. What is a Learning Standard?
  4. How Are Scores Calculated?
  5. What are Habits of Mind?
  6. How is the Grade Reported in the Grade Book and Report Card?
  7. What are the Content Standards for New Fairfield Middle School?
  8. What are Redo's and Retakes?
  9. What is Marzano's Conversion Scale?
  10. College Perspective on MBL