Lesson Ideas

Sample Lessons-  Grades pre K- 12

Standing Up for Those who are Mistreated This lesson helps students think of ways to support their peers who are teased and be "upstanders"- not bystanders.

EXAMPLE: What would a bullying free environment look and feel like?
Have students brainstorm answers to this question. Either lead a class discussion
using the board or use Handout 1 (Bully Free School T-Chart) and allow students
to independently complete the handout. Page 9.

The Sneetches  Dr. Seuss All ages This Dr. Seuss tale deals with the common peer problems of exclusion and prejudice. The Star Belly Sneetches have a star on their bellies to symbolize superiority and prestige, and they reject the Plain Belly sort. All of the Sneetches fall prey to a money hungry stranger, and as a result join together and learn a lesson about inclusion and tolerance in the end. Find the text here and  link to a reading on youtube. Lesson idea here.

From Classroom.kidshealth.org  Lessons for PreK-2 on empathy.