Take the Bullying Quiz!

 Information for Teachers

What is bullying?
Who is at risk to be bullied? To be a bully?

 Writing Prompts
Find the required writing prompt for your grade level.

To be completed before the Winter Break.

 Literature Suggestions for the Classroom

Reading aloud is a great way to begin discussions on bullying.
Add one or two of these to your classroom library.
 Lesson Plans & Ideas

See ideas from the web. Use Dr. Seuss to teach about differences and more.

 Teacher ResourcesStudent Resources 
 The ABC's of Bullying

This course for professionals examines the causes and effects of bullying, prevention, and more.
3 Lesson Modules.
Bullying Academy
For grades 4-8. 
Beginning January 2, 2012, students in grades 4-8 will sign in to complete a pre- assessment. They will then complete all the Scavenger Hunt Activities (completing a notes page as they work) and, finally, take the post assessment.

Kids Health Website
for kids and teens
How Cliques Make Kids Feel Leftout
A World Without Bullying: Brigitte's Story 
Bullying is a Big Problem- for teens